About Stellar Vets - The Great Value Vet Care Provider

Stellar Vets was established in the Autumn of 2020  by me Dr. David Hodges MA, MBA, Vet MB, BSc, LVI, MRCVS and opened in January 2021.

I have worked in the Littlehampton area, Rustington to be exact, for over 20 years, having originally graduated from the University of Cambridge Veterinary School in 1991. I have always specialised in pets.

Having built up a large practice called Pet Doctors, I sold this to a large corporate group called CVS Group in 2010, you can find them listed on the London Stock Exchange. CVS Group owns over 250 veterinary practices across the country so they are extremely large.

I continued to work for them, with my original hand-picked team for the following 10 years.

Stellar Vets - Great Value Vet Care

Unfortunately, the corporate way of doing things became increasingly bureaucratic, leading to a massive increase in overheads, extra managers and the like. There was also an ever-increasing push for more profits. Ultimately this eventually meant that routine veterinary care for clients’ pets became increasingly expensive.

So I decided to leave CVS Group and set up my own again. The mission of Stellar Vets being to Celebrate Pets and partner with our clients in keeping their pets Happy and Healthy BUT at Sensible Prices. 

To do this we will strive to keep overheads low, use technology to leverage all our team’s skills and partner with others who can provide some services more efficiently and cheaper than ourselves. The aim is always to provide great vet care at great value prices.

Stellar Vets Celebrates Pets

I believe that independent practices like Stellar Vets can provide a much more personal and friendly environment for our clients and their pets.

At Stellar Vets, we believe our job is to protect, enhance and celebrate the unique relationship that is the Pet – Owner bond.

I look forward to welcoming you to my new clinic. Let’s Celebrate Pets!