The Best Buddy Monthly Plan

For Stellar Pet Owners and their Star Pets

Stellar , adjective : 1. relating to star or stars 2. Exceptionally Good; Outstanding

Man and dog faces next to each other both smiling

The Best Buddy Plan is a fantastic all round star plan for pets who are more than just pets, they are family.

To include an Annual Health Check and the following vaccinations: Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis (4 strains),  Hepatitis Virus and Kennel Cough for dogs. Calici and Herpes (Cat Flu), Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia for cats.  Monthly flea and worming control in an easy to use spot-on formulation.

Plus protection against parasites like lice and lung worm.

But there is more: 

Unlimited Free written prescriptions. (normal full price £15 per prescription)

Free microchipping, and nail clipping.

10% off Dentals and Neutering

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

You may decide to upgrade to the I Want My Pet To Live For Ever Plan. Which includes unlimited free consultations (excludes out of hours and referrals), a massive range of free preventative health tests and insurance claims filled out for free. (normal charge £15 per claim)

What ever you choose  – you are Stellar

I wanted the extra protection the Best Buddy plan provides as my grandchildren visit often.
A head shot of a client who has given a positive review