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I know waiting for your new Vets to open is boring but……..

I have the utmost respect for anyone who has started a business. This project of opening a new Veterinary Clinic in Littlehampton is proving to be a marathon rather than a sprint!

It's coming I promise!

I totally respect anyone that has opened a business. The stress involved is massive. There always the self-doubt that the endeavour might not work but you must push this from your mind and keep reminding yourself of THE WHY!


The Why!

The why is the reason you started on this journey. It might be a vocation, I have always wanted to be a veterinary surgeon since the age of around three. 

It might be freedom, there is always the appeal of not having a boss! 

It may be your entrepreneurial spirit, you have spotted a gap in the market and know you can fill it profitably. 

It almost certainly isn’t about about achieving a better work life balance, certainly not initially at least as there is so much to do. It is all-consuming.


The Setbacks To Be Overcome

Oh the setbacks! Things never run as smoothly as you hope. The first hurdle is getting the planning permission, if required. If you don’t need a change of use planning wise you are very lucky.

You may have the joy of legal battles with future competitors or previous employers. Business is brutal, but don’t they understand this just spurs you on. You may have to trust your idea to a builder to execute with all the risks that entails.

Finance is a constant issue, working to budgets. Seeing budgets getting blown apart by totally unexpected issues. The stress can get overwhelming. 

But there are highs.

But there is also excitement. The planning, the execution, seeing everything starting to come together. It does give you a good feeling. But nothing will be as good as being well received from your future customers. You still have doubts, there are always risks. But you know you can serve your customers and give a great value service. You have to keep the faith.

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