The I Want My Pet To Live For Ever Plan

For Stellar Pet Owners and their Star Pets

Stellar , adjective : 1. relating to star or stars 2. Exceptionally Good; Outstanding

Very happy looking dog running along a beach

The I Want My Pet To Live For Ever Plan is for those Stellar Owners who want their Star Pets to live for ever.

Although none of us can live for ever. We can live for much longer if we eat well, exercise and stay healthy.

Detecting early health problems is the key to outstanding treatment outcomes. 

To this end the I Want My Pet To Live For Ever Plan includes all of the Best Buddy Plan but expands on it to include Free Unlimited consultations during normal practice hours. So if your are worried about your pet just get them checked, you don’t have to worry about the cost.

A massive range of screening tests are included in the plan and can be repeated every year including checking on Liver, Kidney, Heart, Eye and Bladder Health.

Free Dentals on each third year anniversary of the plan as we know dental health impacts on longevity.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

What ever you choose  – you are Stellar

I just want the very best for Echo, he is a dog in a million.
Spaniel Puppy running across grass holding an orange ball in mouth.
Luke with Echo