Neutering a male cat is called castration. Neutered cats live longer. Neutered male cats don't have that potent "Tom" cat smell.

Pre-operative advice

As your pet is going to have a general anaesthetic. Please make sure they have an empty stomach the morning of the procedure.

So no breakfast and ideally the last meal should have been no later than 8pm the evening before.

It is ok to give water upto the 8am the morning of the procedure.

Post-operative advice

The evening of the procedure your pet may be a little quiet. This is normal. They can be a little off their food and reluctant to move about too much. Again this is nothing out of the ordinary.

There can be a little ooze from the wound site but this should be small and stop within 20 mins or so. If there is persistent oozing then contact us for advice.

If external stitches are present at your pet’s wound site then try to discourage your pet overly worrying at them. Your pet may have a bandage, elizabethan collar or surgical t-shirt to help try and prevent this.

It is fine to offer food the evening of the procedure. Your pet will have been offered food soon after the procedure at the clinic, but at this time they may not have eaten that much.