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Dr. David A. Hodges

Vet of the Year 2020 Nominee

Vet of the Year 2021 Nominee

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"Tyson had been a problem for some time. To be honest we, as a family, were getting to the end of our tether. It looked like we would have to give up Tyson . David was very open with us and said that Tyson's journey would be long and would require an immense amount of hard work on our part. He stressed that we had to commit and do all the exercises that he set for us. We really did not want to give up Tyson so we agreed to do what ever it took. Well three months later and yes a lot of hard work, Tyson is a new dog. We are all so happy. Thank you Dr. Dave"

Francine Carden


Behaviour Tamed

Specialist behavioural consultations, best done at home or where the behaviour is being exhibited.

Clearing the insurance minefield

Pet Insurance Advice

Pet insurance is getting ever more complicated. Get down to earth advice for what is important.

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Why Stellar Vets?

“...David has teated all our pets for nearly 20 years, a better vet would be hard to find!...”
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Tanya Hartley
“...It is always nice to see David each and every time. At my old vets I never saw the same vet twice!.”
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Belinda Horobin
Teaching Assistant
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Healing is more than the sum of it’s parts. Stellar Vets consider not just the pet but the owner as well.

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