Best Buddy Unlimited

"A Plan for Life"
  • Unlimited Free Consultations *
  • Annual Routine Vaccinations
  • Calicivirus, Herpes Virus, (Cat Flu), Enteritis and Leukaemia Vaccinations for Cats
  • Parvo, Hepatitis, Distemper and Leptospirosis Vaccinations for Dogs
  • Myxomatosis, VHD and RHD2 Vaccinations for Rabbits
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination for Dogs
  • Preventative Flea, Lice, Ear Mite Treatment
  • Preventative Roundworm and Whipworm Treatment
  • Preventative Heartworm and Lung Worm Treatment
  • Preventative Flea and Flystrike Treatment for Rabbits
  • Unlimited Video Consultations #
  • Tapeworm Treatments if Required
  • Free Written Prescriptions
  • Unlimited Free Nail Clips
  • Unlimited Free Anal Gland Expressions
  • Free Insurance Claims Processing
  • Free Microchip Identification
  • 20% Off Our Neutering Prices for Cats and Dogs
  • 50% Off Neutering Prices for Rabbits
  • 20% Off Our Dental Prices
  • 10% Off Cat and Dog Diets
  • 10% Off Rabbit Diets and Hay
  • 10% off Diets both Lifestage and Prescription
Great Value

Your Stellar Vets Best Buddy Unlimited Plan is an annual contract and will be automatically renewed. The unlimited free consultations included in the plan refer to any consultation with either a vet or nurse and include initial consultations, follow up consulations and all post operative examinations booked online and during normal published consulting hours. It does exclude out of hours emergency consultations. Annual saving is based on a medium sized dog attending 3 physical consultations and 2 video consultations and 4 written prescriptions a year.