David qualified from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1991. Specialising in companion animals from the start of his career. He built a 27 clinic practice called Pet Doctors which he sold in 2010. He loves being a vet but is not suited to large corporate veterinary practices as he feels that the personal service is missing and the pricing excessive.

David’s new clinic aims to be small, friendly with great care at sensible prices. David believes pets are to be celebrated and that owning a pet should be fun.

David’s skill set is very broad. Equally happy repairing a ruptured cruciate ligament in a dog to removing enlarged thyoid glands in cats. A strong believer in preventative medicine and the concept of wellness. David is keen that pets get regular check ups and screening programes. David is a champion of the HEALTH MAP concept.

David believes that the concept of “old age” is an outdated and defeatist attitude. He certainly believes in “age related diseases”, however once diagnosed these age related diseases are often very treatable with modern medicine, surgery, physiotherapy and diet. With the symptoms removed our pets can live long happy and healthy lives.

He is happy to do in depth behaviour consultations. These are best done at the clients home or where the undesired behaviours are being exhibited.