For Stellar Pet Owners and their Star Pets

Stellar , adjective : 1. relating to star or stars 2. Exceptionally Good; Outstanding

Black and white picture of a lady with her cat being stroked

The protect my pet monthly Budget plan is designed for those Stellar Pet Owners who love their pets but money is tight at the moment. 

It is a great budget plan. With all the basics covered.

An Annual Health Check. The key vaccines:  Distemper, Parvovirus,  Leptospirosis (2 strains) and  Hepatitis Virus for dogs. Calici and Herpes ( Cat Flu), Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia for cats. Regular flea control, and regular worming.

The treatments used may not be quite the most user friendly for example the wormer is a liquid rather than a spot on but it is still a great wormer and does the desired job really well. The flea control however is a spray which can be more challenging than the spot on treatments.

But the price is unbelievably good value.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

You may decide  to upgrade to the Best Buddy Plan.

The Best Buddy Plan has more user friendly products, free written prescriptions, 10% off Dentals, 10% off Neutering, a Free microchip and unlimited free nail clips and all still at a great price.

What ever you choose  – you are Stellar